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Our experienced teams of property owners, telecom professionals, attorneys, paralegals, and accountants are experts at uncovering new value in your cell carrier leases.

  • Full Service Lease Administration

    • Analyze lease opportunities & risks

    • Manage carrier communications

    • Conduct site audits for carrier compliance

    • Provide cell lease market intelligence

  • Cell Carrier Negotiations

    • Negotiate lease amendments and renewals

    • Secure rent increases and beneficial terms

  • Expense Recovery

    • ​Identify and recover eligible expenses that are the responsibility of the carrier

  • New Cell Carrier Marketing

    • ​Assess and market owners' properties to cellular carriers to secure additional leases.

    • Negotiate new carrier lease 

  • Lump Sum Lease Buyouts

    • Advise the on the pros and cons

    • Obtain market pricing estimates

    • Prepare and distribute bid package

    • Negotiate best available rates

    • Facilitate buyout transaction

    • Explore new revenue opportunities


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