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About Us

Cellular Solutions was founded in 2017 by a Boston area real estate developer who built an extensive portfolio of commercial buildings with telecom tenants.

As his portfolio grew, he discovered opportunities unique to telecom leases that generated substantial new revenue, dramatically increased his portfolio's value, and provided a source of immediate cash to acquire additional properties. During this time he created innovative techniques to identify and recover ongoing expenses from cell carrier tenants and to preserve rights to generate cash flow from cell carrier leases even if he chose to monetize the leases with a lump sum buyout.

He saw the impact his techniques had on his portfolio and started Cellular Solutions with the goal of helping property owners realize the full potential of their telecom leases to advance their financial goals.

​Cellular Solutions has grown to become an industry-leading, full service cellular lease consultancy with experienced real estate, telecom, legal, and financial professionals advising clients across the United States on how to significantly increase their cash flow and property values from cell carrier leases. 

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