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Who We Serve

We proudly service Multifamily, Storage, Office, Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Small Business, and REIT landlords across the United States.
Our national cellular asset database is updated daily and is constantly expanding.  We know the fair market numbers for your site, regardless of Lessee, product type or 3rd party involvement.

See how we can help today.

What Our Clients say

"Cellular Solutions has gone above and beyond for us.  They were able to increase our NOI by nearly $10,000 per Carrier that was leased on my roof.  Subsequently, the value of the building rose dramatically.  Not only that, but they were even able to secure us a new tenant, even as companies are merging." 

Brad Spencer

Owner/288 Walnut Street 

"Cellular Solutions was a pleasure to work with.  We were looking to sell our asset, and, in the meantime, we increased cash flow by nearly $20,000 a year.  Our asset sold well above our initial asking price thanks to their help.  I recommended them to the Buyer, and anyone with rooftop antennas should follow suit."

Perry Stolberg

Former owner of 138 Harvard Avenue

"We reached out to Cellular Solutions and gave them a pile of contracts, property deeds, tax records, revenue reports and site data.  They plowed through them and created a prospectus, a fact sheet on the tower, the site and all the contracts that generated revenue for us.  Steve conducted an auction for us, getting bids from the big tower companies as well as the investment bankers who package tower portfolios for sale.  We liked the price he got us, and we liked how Steve handled all the hassle of the sale."

Guy Lalicata

Former Tower Owner, Woburn, MA 

"Working with Cellular Solutions was painless.  They worked diligently while our property was for sale, increasing NOI roughly $10,000 from our existing leases.  A few months later the building sold."  

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