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Do you have rooftop cellular antenna sites leased and located on your buildings? 

We Help Property Owners
Find Additional Revenue.

Our Specialization Makes Us Different 

Cellular Solutions does have the ability to market rooftops for additional leases, as well as monetize the revenue stream within a lease, but that’s not what makes us special.  Whether you own the rights to your rooftop cell site, or have sold them to a 3rd party, Cellular Solutions will still be able to increase your revenue.  


We have developed propriety techniques to increase cashflow from existing rooftop leases.  Simultaneously, the boost to NOI will increase the value of your underlying property.

Cellular Solutions was founded by a real estate developer and property manager who implemented our processes and continues to apply them at his own buildings with massive gains.  We understand the headache that comes with having a rooftop cell site.  

Allow us to represent YOU, the Property Owner, in negotiations with all your affected stakeholders.  

We Represent YOU

Whether you own the lease rights or have sold them, Cellular Solutions is able to capture revenue. Our goal is to get YOU the most revenue.

Our Team

Our team has over 100 years of combined real estate and legal experience in property management, development, and investment across all product types. 

 A Proprietary Approach 

Cellular Solutions has developed proven proprietary techniques enabling us to get you the money

you are owed.

Guy Lalicata 

“Cellular  Solutions sold our tower fast, 
brought us top dollar.  ...Painless”.


Schedule a 15 minute call
to discover how we can obtain a
new source of income for YOU or 

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Tel: 617-916-9052


Cellular Solutions Consulting, LLC     
288 Walnut Street  
Newton, MA 02460  

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